Polishes straight or tapered shafts and cylinders from .5" to 3.5" diameters.

Straight or tapered parts of metal, plastics, wood, glass, fiberglass, molded rubber, fiber


Double Belt — Single Belt Rough and Finish in One Pass On Double Belt Machine

Because the part makes contact with the abrasive belt in an unsupported area, it is possible to polish tapered parts and straight parts.


Double Belt Machine 

TYPE CF – 80B2

Range of work diameter 1/2”-3”

Head drive motor 5 H.P. – 3 Phase


Abrasive belt (5” x 73”)

Belt speed 3500 SFPM

Feed speed 20-65 FPM

Machine size (LxWxH) 28x28x53

Net weight 1080 lbs

Gross weight 1200 lbs